What to drink with a mouth-watering Paella or fresh, delicate oysters? Well, the classics would be a Spanish red, such as a Rioja and a Chablis with the seafood. However, there is a trend to become more experimental: why not trying a sweet wine with the Spanish dish or a Fino Sherry with the Oysters?
The minefield is not the variety of options we have, but rather the different angles of consultancy: very classic and old school pairings versus super fancy combinations versus complete nonsense advice on wine’s back label, such as a wine that goes with your favourite food. Could literally be anything.

I also see the different roles: there is the adviser – a Somm, a restaurant manager, someone from a wine shop – and the wine drinker, who is consulted. This could result in a great experience in the best case, but occasionally also leave a bitter aftertaste of an intimidating situation being pushed to something, because of lack of knowledge.
Thereby, food and wine pairing is not rocket science at all, and first and foremost, it should be fun and become a passion.

We suggest focussing only on a few key ingredients or flavours in a dish, such as saltiness, acidity, spicy flavours, fat, or sweetness and umami. This gives you a wide field to try it out, when you cook at home or when you go out; it will be your experience. Another suggestion is to focus on YOU, because you should like the wine, the food and the combination of it. There is other good news: most food will work somehow with your favourite wine.

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