Live Webinar: 18/07/2019

Wine & Food Pairing

with Reto Thörig
(passionate for food & wine, WSET®certified educator and diploma holder/ weinakademiker)

Live Webinar: 18/07/2019

Wine & Food Pairing

with Reto Thörig
(Passionate for wine & food, WSET® Certified Educator and WSET® Diploma Holder/Weinakademiker)

Food & Wine Pairing made easy

During this live webinar, we experiment with five basic wine styles and six ingredients and you will learn, how they depend and influence each other. As a participant, you can either listen and learn or you prepare the same ingredients and have the five wines ready. You get an instant experience and you can apply the knowledge right away. For more information on the wines and ingredients used, click on the shopping list. You can even invite you friends to this after work webinar and share the findings.

This is what you get out of the webinar:

We follow an easy and simple concept by experimenting with food and wine. You can apply the knowledge right away and it will help you to make better wine choices with your wine. You will have some fun and share good time with your family and friends.

Do I need any previous knowledge for this webinar?
No wine knowledge or previous course is necessary, you should just like wine and food.

Can I ask questions during the webinar?
The participants are muted, but we can interact with a chat function.

Does it cost anything?
The webinar is completely free; if you decide to have the wines and ingredients ready, you might spend 50 Euros. But if you can share it with your friends, it is still quite affordable.

How long does it take?
The webinar takes no longer than 60 minutes.


Food and wine pairing is no rocket science; you will get more confident in choosing the wines!


You can apply the learning during the webinar and right afterwards when you prepare your next meal.

Your own event

Share the shopping list with your friends and make the webinar an event of your own!


Join us!

Wine and food pairing should be easy and fun! While concentrating on the key ingredients of a dish, we follow a professional strategy. It will enhance your wine and food experience right away!

Reto Thörig

WSET® Certified Educator and WSET® Diploma Holder/Weinakademiker

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